Kemuliaan Solat dan Hari Jumaat yang tercemar teruk di Malaysia

Satu pengamatan yang perlu diberi perhatian oleh semua pihak terutama pemimpin negara serta negeri yang beragama Islam di mana kemuliaan, keceriaan, keindahan solat Jumaat telah merosot teruk jika dibandingkan dikala Malaysia baru merdeka dan sebelum merdeka. Antara isu yang disentuh oleh penulis ialah khatib yang mesti membaca khutbah mengikut teks, jika tidak akan menerima hukuman berat.

Punyalah terlalu mengejar dunia sekarang ini , hinggakan ada Sekolah Menengah Agama di Negeri Sembilan yang kelas sabjek bukan agamanya tamat pada jam 12.40 tengahari pada hari Jumaat (pengamatan saya, bukan penulis di bawah)

Yaum al Jumaat ~ Are Malaysian Muslims observing it correctly?

Back then, the Khatib was still free to preach to us on any relevant subject or topic that he chose. Nowadays, the Khatib is forced to read whatever prepared texts that the State Religious Department has prepared for him.

Failure to observe and read in total whatever khutbah texts has been prepared by the state's Islamic Department will see the poor man receive a 'show cause' letter and probably be punished by removing him from his salaried post or demoted.

Today, the Friday prayers have sort of been left astray by a rising number of ignorant's who do not bother to observe all the decorum of attending it.

Many simply hang out of the masjid and have their lunch nonchalantly even as the khutbah is being read out by the khatib. They do not bother to pay attention to what is being preached. They chat amongst themselves, joke and laugh out loud regardless of the ongoing khutbah.

Many of these jahils smoke away as they ignore the khutbah and are simply there just to show that they have attended the Jumaat prayers.

The large number of traders who do not fail to set up their stalls all along the borders of the masjid are equally not bothered at all to pay attention to the khutbah. They carry on their trade disregarding the very reason as to why as Muslims, they need to attend the Friday prayers.

The significance of the Yaum al Jumaat is lost to them. To them its a day not to be missed. Not for religious reasons but a day when they can make a killing doing business.

Even government bodies or corporations have joined in the act. Telecommunication companies set up booths and have their marketing teams distribute pamphlets and brochures advertising their services. Car salesmen drive up their latest automobiles and try to clinch their deals as the khutbah is being preached. All kinds of tradesmen and women are all out to make a fast buck disregarding the very reasons why Muslims are obliged to attend the Jumaat prayers.

Who bothers to correct this wrong?

No one. Not an authorative soul gives a damn as to how the Friday prayers are being left to go astray nowadays in Mamluk al Malaisie.

The VVIP's will arrive fashionably late at the masjids which they have chosen to attend that week. Prior notices in advance would have been given out to the mosque committees to make special arrangements for the high and mighty.

Special yellow or red carpets would have been laid out to receive their royal pompous feet and squads of uniformed personnel would be there to ensure a smooth ride and trip of the decorated and titled ones amongst us.

All would rise and kiss the hands of the ones coming to soil their royal selfs amongst the simpletons and many would simply kiss ass to have a word with the effluent ones.

Same goes to the executive ones running or ruining this nation and the equally pompous religious titled ones heading this and that political party. People are forced to make way for the holier than thou's as they shamelessly stride towards occupying the very front saff's @ rows.

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