Kongsi berita MH17 dengan ilmu bukan emosi

Sebelum kita berkongsi berita di FB, twitter dsbnya, fikir betul-betul, adakah kita penyambung kebenaran atau penyambung kebatilan. Kalau tak pasti, lebih baik tinggalkan. Tanganilah isu MH17 ini dengan ilmu dan taqwa, bukan emosi. Fahami aspek penerbangan, teknikal, radar, perisikan, peperangan elektronik yang memerlukan kefahaman yang baik dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Jika tidak baik kita sebarkan artikel dalam FB, twitter ajak orang solat, dengar kuliah ilmu, beri sedekah, berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa, sedekahkan Al Fatihah kepada mangsa MH17.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17: What would it take to shoot down passenger jet?
18 Jul 2014

To shoot down a commercial airliner at cruising altitude would require advanced anti-air missile systems. Among the easiest systems to employ would be man-portable air-defense systems, known as MANPADS. But some experts ruled out that possibility.

MANPADS have been known to target commercial aircraft – but usually only during takeoff and landing, when the jets are moving the slowest and are the most vulnerable.

Pro-Russian separatists have denied allegations that they brought down the aircraft, saying they lack weapons systems that would be able to target an airliner at a cruising altitude near 30,000 feet.

Both Russia and Ukraine have moved advanced air defense systems near their borders in recent months, including the SA-17 Buk 2. The SA-17 is a surface-to-air missile system that can be fired from either a wheeled or a tracked chassis and can engage aircraft at anywhere from altitudes of roughly 32 feet to 78,000 feet, putting flight MH17 easily within range.

The SA-17 guides its missiles via a radar array, unlike MANPADS, which mostly use a heat signature for guidance.

However, Swiggart explained, advanced surface-to-air systems like the SA-17 are transponder aware, meaning they can detect if they are targeting an airliner. Civilian airlines are constantly broadcasting a four-digit transponder, known as an IFF code, that designates aircraft as civilian. The code would be detected by the SA-17 if the weapons system attempted to lock on or "paint" MH17.

"It's easy to tell the difference between a civilian aircraft or not, if you're a skilled radar operator," Swiggart said.

Swiggart added that airliners fly well-established routes at regulated speeds.

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