Orang putih pun berbangga dengan Golok Rembau

Orang putih pun berbangga dengan Golok Rembau yang orang Rembau sendiri tak tahu adanya Golok Rembau yang terkenal di seluruh dunia. Baru tahu?

In Malaysia, all Golok are consider to be Parang (but not vice versa)
Golok Rembau is a golok and it is also a parang.
Parang is a generic name for the traditional South East Asian bladed tools with a single primary cutting edge larger (i.e. longer and wider) than pisau (i.e. knife).
A certain type of parang with a "straighter" blade profile is called a Golok.

Golok Rembau is a golok in a shape of the Tumbok Lada, commonly found in Malaysia. This golok has an angular hilt and a curved blade. A ricasso or finger coil on the blade after the handle is a common design in most Golok Rembau. The blade has a pointy tip with a slight drop point and is approximately 23 to 40 cm in length. The edge along the blade has a S shape curvature. While most Golok Rembau use a convex edge, some are made with somewhat hollow or flat ground on the edge near the finger coil for small whittling purposes. The scabbard is usually made of wood, however cheap leather sheath can also be found.

Pada hari ini dalam tahun 1954,  Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Sir Gerald Templer telah merasmikan pembukaan Muzium Negeri Sembilan yang terletak berhampiran Bangunan Kerajaan di Seremban. Muzium ini yang pada asalnya merupakan sebuah istana lama di Ampang Tinggi telah dipindahkan ke Seremban semasa pemerintahan Yam Tuan Ulim pada tahun 1860an atas inisiatif Penasihat British En. M.C Sheppard.  Di antara bahan yang paling menarik dari segi sejarah, ialah ’GOLOK REMBAU’ yang pernah dianugerahkan oleh Yam Tuan Pertama kepada Temenggong pada tahun 1770. 

Kalau ramai kakitangan kerajaan macam ni boleh tutup syarikat

Kalau ramai kakitangan kerajaan macam ni boleh tutup syarikat

Firemen come up with novel way to rescue victims
Saturday, 28 January 2017
TEMERLOH: After experiencing difficulty in rescuing flood victims in 2014, the Mentakab Fire and Rescue Department here has come up with an innovative way to transport rescue boats to the water using a self-made floating trailer.

Its chief Mohd Kamarudin Mohd Saufi said most rescue work during the floods involved transporting victims to safer grounds or to relief centres.

To overcome this problem, the Mentakab firemen created a motorised trailer, where a “motorcyclist” pulls the trailer carrying the boat through areas where the flood water levels are low. The boat is only released in deeper waters.

Mohd Kamarudin said he spent RM3,000 to assemble an engine, braking system and battery salvaged from a new Modenas motorcycle to create the special rescue trailer.

“We made use of discarded materials like steel, plastic water tanks, tyres and rollers to support the frame of the trailer. The trailer can carry the rescue boat with five people on board.

“We plan to build a bigger frame to carry a bigger boat to rescue more victims,” he added.