Kuliah Menarik Aero Angkasa di USM 15 Nov , PERCUMA !

Saya pernah menghadiri Kuliah mengenai Space Tourism ini. Satu kuliah yang agak menarik dan PERCUMA. Saya menyeru kepada golongan professional, para graduan dan pelajar agar jangan lepaskan peluang keemasan ini. Ianya percuma, tempat terhad !!!

Tajuk : Space Tourism:An Opportunity for Engineering Lecturers and Students
By: Professor Patrick Collins
Tempat : Auditorium, Lecture Hall Complex, Engineering Campus
Tarikh : Rabu 15 Nov 2006
Masa : 3 pm

Organized by: School of Aerospace Engineering, USM and Space Future Consulting

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Phone: 04-5995901/5904
Fax: 04-5941026
E-mail: aero@eng.usm.my
School of Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia,
Seri Ampangan, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang

Tarikh tutup pendaftaran 8 Nov 2006

Professor Patrick Collins is the founder & Director of Space Future Consulting, a nonprofit organization specializing in space economics, especially space tourism. Currently he is also the Professor of Economics at Azabu University, Japan, and
an advisor, to Malaysian Institute of Aero & Space Studies. Previously, he worked as a Consultant at the European Space Agency. In 1991, he joined Institute for Space & Astronautical Science, Japan as a researcher and then became the Visiting Professor
at Hosei University, Japan in 1993. His other professional works in the space area include being the Science & Technology Fellow, National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan, 1995; Researcher at Tokyo University Research Center for Advanced Science & Technology, Japan, 1997-2000; Researcher at National Space Development Agency, Japan, 2000-2002.

Professor Patrick Collins has published more than 100 papers in space economics, especially in space tourism, and has successfully published the first serious book on space tourism, “Your Spaceflight Manual – How You Can be a Space Tourist within 20 Years”, co-authored with David Ashford in 1990.

Professor Patrick Collins lead the first market research on the demand of space tourism in 1993, and was a key figure in the Japanese Rocket Society’s Space Tourism Study Program between 1993 and 2002 (as reference in NASA/STA report, “General Public Space Travel & Tourism”).

Space Tourism is the term that's come to be used to mean ordinary members of the public
buying tickets to travel to space and back. Many people find this idea futuristic. But over
the past few years a growing volume of professional work has been done on the subject, and it's now clear that setting up commercial space tourism services is a realistic target for business today.

The first steps will just be short sub-orbital flights, like Alan Shepard made in 1961, since
these are easier than getting to orbit. But the technical know-how to make passenger launchvehicles and orbiting hotel accommodation is available, and there is enormous unsatisfied demand - market research has revealed that most people, at least in the industrialized countries, would like to take a trip to space if it was possible. This gives huge scope for reducing the cost of space travel by large-scale operation like airlines.
(cited from www.spacefuture.com)