Undang undang bahan ketawa remaja kita

Nampaknya remaja kita menjadikan undang-undang sebagai bahan ketawa.

Nak salahkan siapa ? JPJ ? Polis ? Ibu bapa ? UMNO ? PAS ? PKR ? Kita semua ?

Sudah pasti yang terlibat ialah anak JPJ , anak Polis , anak UMNO , anak PAS , anak PKR , anak kita semua.

41% atau 1,200 kes kemalangan melibatkan remaja yang tiada lesen.

Inikah yang dinamakan pembangunan ? Malaysia negara maju 2020 ? Maju dari segi apa kalau undang-undang yang mudah pun jadi bahan ketawa dan mainan para remaja.

Kisah Malaysia dah jadi negara KOBOI pada pauan berikut http://waghih.blogspot.com/2010/04/malaysia-dah-jadi-negara-koboi.html

High number of youths driving without licence and crashing
The Star Monday May 10, 2010

JOHOR BARU: The number of teens and youths who are driving and riding motorcycles without a licence and getting involved in fatal accidents is as high as 41% nationwide in 2008.

Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh said that out of 6,500 fatal accident cases in 2008 involving those aged between 15 and 25, some 1,200 of them were found to be driving cars and riding motorcycles without licences.

“Such a trend is worrying as the teens are driving without proper training and safety precautions,” he told reporters after launching the Buckle-Up operations here yesterday.

Suret Singh said parents and school administrators must work with the relevant enforcement agencies such as the police and Road Transport Department (JPJ) to prevent those without licences from driving or riding motorcycles and endangering their own lives and other motorists.

He also reported that only 20% of Malaysians were complying with the regulation to wear rear seat-belts since it was implemented in January last year.

“This is not good enough; we hope to achieve a 50% target usage by year-end.

“We will not hesitate to impose the maximum fine of RM300 even on students caught not wearing the rear seat-belts,” he said.


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